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Survey Says!

I found some interesting polls taken about wedding guests. Over 1000 guests were asked several questions and these stood out to me. If you are planning your wedding, take this information into consideration. Every bride and groom wants the most value for their investment. Plan wisely and get the most of your big celebration!

Top 8 Reception Details Guests Value Most (and Are Paying the Most Attention To)

  1. Food

  2. Music/Entertainment

  3. Décor

  4. Bar/drinks

  5. Dances

  6. Photo booth/props/etc.

  7. Couple’s entrance

  8. Reception location (setting, area)

Top 8 Reception Details Guests Value Least (and Are Paying the Least Attention To)

  1. Escort cards

  2. Extra amenities (flip-flops, toiletries)

  3. Favors

  4. Bouquet or garter toss

  5. Couple’s grand exit

  6. Flowers

  7. Table settings

  8. Dessert

Top 10 Overall Pet Peeves for Guests at Weddings (in Order from Most to Least Obnoxious)

  1. Drunk guests

  2. Not knowing anyone else at the wedding

  3. Bad music and/or DJ

  4. Traveling far or to an inconvenient location

  5. Having to sit and/or mingle with strangers

  6. The cost of travel/accommodations

  7. No open bar and/or dry wedding

  8. Wedding toasts (i.e., too long, bad speech, etc.)

  9. Needing to take time off work (9 percent)

  10. Sitting through all the dances (i.e., first dance, parent-child, etc.)

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