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So you're going to be giving a toast. Wanna knock it out of the park?

Do you remember the acronym "K.I.S.S."? I would like to add one more character in there to make "K.I.S.&.S" meaning "Keep It Short & Simple." A great speech should not take more than a few minutes and can be as short as a few lines: “Kim and Steve, may your love for one another always be as strong and deep as it is today. You are my dearest friends, and I wish you all the joy in the world. Cheers!” Be sincere, and unless you’re a stand-up comedian or a politician, don’t try to wing it. Wedding toasts are best prepared ahead of time. When it’s time for your toast, it’s fine to take out your notes and refer to them. I recommend writing your notes down on paper and presenting them in a nice note book or similar. Reading off your phone isn't the best way of doing so. I have seen too many times a toast being interrupted by an incoming text, caller or screen time out.

Did you know public speaking is the #1 fear of people? You are in the spotlight and every guest is hanging on your every word. No one wants their toast to be received to the chirping of crickets; avoid the following landmines and you’ll be a shining success: - Skip pointless stories about the couple’s childhoods (anecdotes are okay, just keep them relevant to the occasion). Choose what words you say wisely. Avoid using the all-too-common phrase "I just wanna say". - Be sure not to talk about yourself instead of the couple; this is the time to check your ego at the door. - Last and most importantly, keep mum about any past problems the couple may have had, and never reference any of their old flames.

Most toasts are held at the beginning of the reception. This is to toast the couple and the celebration to come. If there is more than one toastee to be given, time adds up. You have a room full of hungry guests looking at you and politely saying with their eyes "please make this short."

Going into your toast prepared will ensure you success. There are many resources available for clever, humorous bits, but please leave the "place your hand over hers as this is the last time you'll have the upper hand" line at home. People have heard that one too many time, I think ;)

Here is a great read for you to enjoy: Go out and hit a home run with your toast! All the best to you!

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