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Random knowledge or custom category questions. Our own Trivia Bang Bang is an old style pen & paper, hoot 'n hollerin' good time!

Free Answers
Game 1:   Citation
Game 2:   Monster

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Songs replace bingo numbers to create a fun, sing-a-long styled game! Can be themed to your event!

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Our library of over 70,000 titles spans

the decades for adults and kids alike.

Everyone can be a star with us!

We even have "superstars" show up to perform their greatest hits!

Games & Game Shows

We have crowd participation, head-to-head challenges, and team building games. With games like "The Wheel", "Majority Says", "Pop!", "Speed Trivia", "One Punch", "20 Second Challenge", "Snowball Fight", "Quiz Show", and our popular "The Feud",  we interact with your group to create crazy fun!

game show the feud
game show wheel of 4 chin
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