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Be the first in your area to stand out!


    Thank you for your interest in the "Topper Facade". Each unit is made by hand for each client's individual needs.

    Over the past 30 years of DJing, I've always built my own cases and boxes. I've gone from the old 6' coffin design to rack mount width boxes to 4' table facades and now my stand-alone design. I feel the DJ is an integral part of a wedding celebration but not there to distract from the decor of the venue with their station. I was inspired to create something different than the way-to-common floor-standing facades with up lights and massive TV furniture carts.
With this new design, you can fit in smaller locations and be more discrete while retaining a professional appearance. This also prevents guests from setting their drinks down on your "furniture" DJ console. The interior dimensions are 41"w x 27"d x 12"h. Those can be modified a bit depending on your case. The front removes and the sides fold down for easy travel. A padded bag with a Velcro closure and carrying handle is included.

This design also comes complete with a keyboard X stand and scrim.

Go a step further!

Add a 20" HDMI monitor that's compatible with mac and PC. It comes with a padded case, too! Adding a screen to the front gives you the option of displaying a monogram, picture slideshow or even music videos for the guests!

Take my money!!  How much?

Your choice of color:
White or Black   $1150

(same color scrim accompanies or you can mix match)

20" Monitor with bag included  

add $200

Shipping & Handling in the US is included.

Payment Methods Accepted:  Venmo & all major credit cards

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